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Certain federal tax guidelines allows you claim children as dependents up to 23 years old. Generally you can claim children 19 years and younger, but there are a few different guidelines for full-time students. Any child that is 23 years old or younger and is a full-time student may be claimed as a dependent if […]

If you financially support your parents, the federal government wants to help. At tax time, there are a few different options for tax assistance that is available to those who provide parental support. The 2014 tax season brings a new dependency tax care credit, as well as the ability to claim a parent as a […]

Dependent Benefits

One of the easiest way to increase your tax benefits at tax time is to claim a child or eligible adult relative as a dependent. You are entitled to a personal exemption for each qualifying dependent that you claim, which helps put a little extra cash back in your pocket. You may even be able […]

You like to be there for your friends, especially when they need a little help getting on their feet. For those friends who have become non-rent paying roommates and are spending nights on your couch, you may be able to get a tax benefit by claiming those friends as a dependent. Many people think only […]