Monthly Archives: February 2019

Financially, the time after graduation can be difficult. Starting on your own, looking for a job, trying to pay back money that you may have borrowed for school can all be very stressful when it comes to budget management. Fortunately, recent college graduates can claim a few tax breaks to save. Three Tax Breaks: Student […]

Filing Status

When you file your taxes, you need to know which filing status you should use. The five different options differ and you’ll want to choose the one that gives you the greatest benefit. Make tax time easier and faster by submitting the correct status. The five different status are: Single, joint marriage, separate marriage, head […]

Business deductions

As a professional, you are probably aware of the many deductions you may be entitled to when you file your tax return. Almost anything you buy for the company can be deducted if it is necessary for the company. The cost must also be reasonable. The deductions can really add up for small businesses and […]

If you want to deduct payment for any type of medical expenditure this year, you must be aware of some new rules that apply to these types of deductions, as they may affect your return. If you are looking for deductions for medical or dental expenses, you should know the following guidelines. Adjusted gross income-Your […]

Estimated Taxes

You may be required to make estimated tax payments in certain circumstances, such as not having taxes withheld from your wages or paying too little each paycheck. Self-employed people generally pay taxes through estimated payments at the same time. If you are confused about the process of making estimated tax payments, these four tips can […]

Tax breaks for a home sale

As the real estate market begins to be positive, it is a good time to review the tax requirements for the sale of a home and any related tax breaks. If you sell your primary residence (the one you lived in full time), the sale may be free of taxes. All profits from the sale […]

Tax Credits

There’s not much that can make you happy about paying taxes. But tax credits can help reduce your tax liability, it is a good idea to be informed about which credits you are eligible for and how you can claim them. You reduce the amount of taxes you owe for the tax year by using […]