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The name of the credit is Child and Dependent Care Credit. The amount of your work-related expenses you can use to determine your credit is a dollar cap. For one qualified person, the cap is $3,000, or $6,000 for two or more qualified individuals. If you have paid work related expenses for caring for two […]

Form 2441

Finding someone to take care of your child during work or school holidays can make a large part of your budget. You can send your children off to school for a lot of your childcare needs, but if your children are younger than the school age or on summer vacation, you will probably pay more […]

Raising children on your own isn’t easy. Single parents can use any help they can get, which is why, at tax time, there are certain tips that can come as a welcome relief. When filing your tax return as a single parent, consider the following eight points: Head of Household Status – if your children […]

Working parents know how difficult it can be to find appropriate care for their children while they work. If you pay for someone to watch your children while you work, there’s a possibility you may be eligible to claim the Dependent Care Credit. This credit has certain requirements that must be met in order to […]

You may qualify for the Child Care Credit if you are employed and pay for childcare services where you work. There are certain requirements that you must meet in order to claim the credit on your federal tax return. Ask your tax adviser if you need help determining whether you qualify to claim the child […]

Caring for Your Dependents

Many taxpayers require a little extra help when it comes to taking care of their dependents. Those who hire professional care for their disabled relatives or childcare for their children younger than 13 so they can work may be eligible to recoup their expenses through the Child and Dependent Care Credit. This tax credit is […]

Child Care Tax Credit

Finding someone to care for your child while you work or during school holiday can tie up a large portion of your budget. Sending your kids off to school can account for a much of your childcare needs, but if your children are younger than school age, or if they are on summer vacation, you’re […]