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Tax breaks for a home sale

As the real estate market begins to be positive, it is a good time to review the tax requirements for the sale of a home and any related tax breaks. If you sell your primary residence (the one you lived in full time), the sale may be free of taxes. All profits from the sale […]

Medical Expenses Deduction

If you want to deduct the payment for any type of medical expenditure this year, you must be aware of some new rules that apply to these types of deductions because they can affect your return. If you are looking for deductions for medical or dental expenses, you should be familiar with the following guidelines. […]

Deductions without Itemizing

Would you like to take the standard deduction? If you’re single, you watch $ 12,000. Pairs married, twice that amount. Perhaps you are considering laying down your deductions to obtain a bigger tax return. If you are, remember that you will need your medical, tax, charity and other expenses receipts. You will also need mortgage […]

Business Deductions

As a businessman, you are probably aware of the many deductions you may have when you file your tax return. You can deduct almost anything you buy for the company as long as it is necessary for the company. The cost must also be sensible. The deductions can really add up for small businesses and […]


When you donate to an established charity, your donations are often deductible from taxes. This gives you the opportunity to get back some extra items that you won’t use anyway. You must ensure that you keep an accurate list of all the donation items, because you must report your donation to the IRS. At the […]

IRA Contributions Facts

Investing in your retirement is important. When it comes to saving for your future, you have a multitude of options. One option, the Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA), factors in at tax time regarding contributions that you make. Since this is a popular retirement plan, you should be aware of the following seven facts in order […]

Do you regularly make donations to charitable organizations? It feels great to help out those in need, and you can even get a benefit at tax time in the form of a deduction. In some cases, you may be eligible to deduct your donation from your taxes. The following facts can help you determine if […]

Generally, it is easier to just choose the standard deduction when filing your tax return, however it may not be the best method for saving you money. In some cases, opting to itemize your deductions can actually lower the amount of taxes you owe. The best option is to determine the amount you will save […]

If you donate to a charity, you may be eligible for a tax deduction. In order to deduct the amount, you’ll need to keep records of each contribution you make. You should always have a hard copy record as proof of your deduction. This proof can include: A canceled check A monthly bank statement showing […]

Sometimes, you may find yourself having to travel for work purposes. If you are not self-employed, and you work for a company or business, you may incur expenses while traveling. While it is possible to recoup your expenses by taking a tax deduction, you may find it more pertinent to seek reimbursement from your employer. […]