Are you expecting a tax refund after you’ve sent in your return? There’s a chance your refund can be delayed or even altered if certain instances exist. Some reasons for your delay may be:

  • You have an outstanding individual or business tax bill, which will offset your refund amount
  • You are delinquent in child support payments, which will be rectified by your refund amount
  • You have Federal debt such a student loans which are delinquent, which will be offset by your refund amount
  • You included form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation with your tax refund
  • You’ve not filed a tax return in the past 10 years, in which case you are considered a first time filer
  • Your return has a different last name and Social Security number then when you filed previously, and can lead to a seven day minimum delay.
  • Your estimated tax payments reported do not match with the IRS has on file. This can happen if your spouse makes separate payments and then you both choose to file a joint return or if the return was filed before the last payment was credited.