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If you happen to use your personal vehicle for business purposes or you have a vehicle dedicated to you by your business you may be able to deduct some of the expense need to keep it road worthy. While learning how to effectively manage your auto expenses the deductions can be well worth the time. […]

Often times when people consider itemizing it is for the three big deductions; home mortgage interest, state and local taxes and charitable donations. Although there are numerous more deductions in addition to the big three. These types of deductions are generally considered miscellaneous itemized deductions and are claimable if they exceed 2% of your adjusted […]

If you work from home there are some new options for claiming home office deductions making the process simpler and saving you time. Starting this tax year the IRS has simplified the process of claiming deductions when you use your home as a business, not only does it make it easier but it will help […]

Looking to make tax time a little brighter? Consider itemizing your taxes, which will allow you to claim interest you paid on your first and second mortgages. This deduction, worth up to $1.1 million in savings, includes mortgage loans (up to $1 million) and home-equity loans (up to $100,000). Even better, you don’t have to […]

As the real estate market begins to trend to the positive side, it’s a good time to review the tax requirements for selling a home, as well as any associated tax breaks. If you sell your primary residence (the one you lived in full time), there’s a chance the sale may be tax-free. However, any […]

The time after graduation can be a tough one, financially. Starting out on your own, searching for a job, trying to pay back money you may have borrowed for school can all be quite stressful when it comes to managing a budget. Thankfully, there are a few tax breaks that recent college graduates can claim […]