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When you are traveling for business, at some point you will likely have to eat at a restaurant. Deducting the cost of your meals from taxes will make the food taste that much better. You may be able to deduct business meals, but there is a specific set of guidelines you have to follow. According […]

Often times when people consider itemizing it is for the three big deductions; home mortgage interest, state and local taxes and charitable donations. Although there are numerous more deductions in addition to the big three. These types of deductions are generally considered miscellaneous itemized deductions and are claimable if they exceed 2% of your adjusted […]

Common Business Deductions

As a business professional, you’re likely aware of the many deductions that you may be entitled to when filing your tax return. Almost anything you buy for the business can be deducted, as long as it is necessary to the business. Also, the cost has to be sensible. For small businesses, the deductions can really […]