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It’s halfway through the year, and there’s no time like the present to start thinking about next year’s taxes. With six months left to accumulate and organize your tax documents, starting to prepare early will only alleviate stress and aggravation when tax season arrives. The following five tips can help you make filing your taxes […]

If you travel for business you know that sometimes it can take you on a new adventure to unknown places that you may like to explore a little more. If you take advantage of organizing your schedule correctly you may be able to get the most of your business trip by mixing in some pleasure. […]

If your job or business requires you to buy a new computer you may be able to deduct the cost as a business expense. It may be possible to deduct the whole amount in a single year. Employees If you are employed by someone else and are required to purchase a new computer, most time […]

Common Business Deductions

As a business professional, you’re likely aware of the many deductions that you may be entitled to when filing your tax return. Almost anything you buy for the business can be deducted, as long as it is necessary to the business. Also, the cost has to be sensible. For small businesses, the deductions can really […]