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Self-employed taxpayers are those who freelance, own their own business, or work on contract. Self-employed individuals have certain tax requirements that they must meet. If you are self-employed, you should be aware of these requirements when you file your federal income tax return. The IRS offers six different pieces of advice about how to correctly […]

When you are traveling for business, at some point you will likely have to eat at a restaurant. Deducting the cost of your meals from taxes will make the food taste that much better. You may be able to deduct business meals, but there is a specific set of guidelines you have to follow. According […]

As a business owner knowing what you are doing at tax time can have a large outcome on your end of year finances. There are tax regulations that can help lower the amount of taxes your business is required to pay, these deductions can be applied to certain business expenses. The amount of money deducted […]