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Self-employed taxpayers are those who freelance, own their own business, or work on contract. Self-employed individuals have certain tax requirements that they must meet. If you are self-employed, you should be aware of these requirements when you file your federal income tax return. The IRS offers six different pieces of advice about how to correctly […]

Education expenses can add up quickly, and any kind of financial relief can really make a difference. You may be able to deduct certain education expenses at tax time. If you pay tuition for yourself, a spouse, or another dependent, you may qualify to deduct a portion of the expenses. However, it may be more […]

Does someone owe you money? Are you afraid you’ll never see it again, primarily because you have no way to collect the funds? You’re faced with “Bad Debt”. Don’t worry though, you are able to deduct bad debt at tax time, as long as you have previously included the amount in your income. You had […]